It’s a lonely view @paulinashafir #film

Listening to Jeezy.But this is @itsgeorgiasumner.

Hands on the wheel. @natamals

"Lives in North Hollywood on Radford,near the In & Out burger."

Retro jammed.

From the #film vault. Self developed. 35mm Nikon all manual. This camera is everything not because of what it can do. But who gave it to me. My dad back in 1994. That’s my friend @chanelurban she cool people. Enjoy Tuesday. Soon and all of it’s sections will be updated till then, stay up, stay real.

The other day on PCH with @pizzapizza_nisa. Self developed film.

That time @roxxlynn and I hung out and shot film.

Cali 84’ with @nicoleisaacs

A prism with an intellect. You show your light selectively. You stole my glow, a seasoned thief the blacks of my eyes are turning into opals. @pizzapizza_nisa

They need love,they need hugs,they need church,Jesus! , Could it be cause, they them, and we us , and we up.

Reminisce on how it was way back when. @pizzapizza_nisa