Fear and loathing in Orange County.

I’m not the percent you think survives. I need sanctuary in the pages of this book.


You should of seen the curse that flew right by you. @melwitharosee

Issue 7 of @yumemag comes out this month in digital and print form I am also included in this issue with some of my work.Look out for that and also includes good friend @brittanyannryan and some other amazing artists. Peace gods.

Then i’ll hide. Cause I’ll never. Never sleep Alone. @asiobhan

They don’t remember the times you went out of your way. They don’t want you to be able to move forward. They don’t want to see a glimmer of hope in your dream filled eyes. They want to steal those dreams. Remember it’s dark and hell is hot.

They can’t stand it.

They want to you to lose.They can’t stand to see you shine. We have nothing to lose. That’s why we are going to win. հարյուր տոկոս (100 %)

If you think having a pro photographer snapping your photo is modeling It’s much more than that. And so much more than just showing your ass or breasts. If you don’t bring “IT”. Wait, let me clarify what “IT” is. It’s when you show up and you can tap Into the emotions that we as human beings have. We aren’t robots. We feel. We feel love , happiness, pain, hate, and the libidinous nature that we all posses. If you can’t tap Into any of those traits. I’m sorry. They must have created you in the robotics department at UCLA.

не Они не люблю тебя больше
(They don’t love you no more) @merlotmargurite